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A bigger than life exhibit at the Emerald Coast Science Center offers hands-on demonstrations of how the different systems in the human body work. The Five Senses:Each display - tough, taste, smell, hearing and sight - allows kids to learn just how they collect information about the world around them through their key senses.

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Parents and kids can take a rest by viewing at their discretion a rotating series of science video clips featuring "Bill Nye the Science Guy."Each video is entertaining as well as educational and includes activities that families can try out at home.

Close-Up on Cells
Visitors can view all kinds of cells through the science center's bank of microscopes. Cells include blood cells, bone cells, nerve cells, heart cells and many, many more.

Dimension Man
A cutaway of the entire human body shows visitors how the inner parts of the human body fits together. Bones, muscles, organs, major limbs and skin are all part of this terrific display.

Mr. Bones
Mr. BonesA full size human skeleton will ride a bicycle at the flick of a switch. Kids can see how the skeleton's bones and muscles work to push the pedals of the bicycle down. This exhibit is another demonstration for kids on just how their body works.

The Food Pyramid
Moms and Dads can help their kids build a food pyramid using this educational exhibit. Kids can see the relative importance of breads, fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products.

The Stomach
A series of pull out panels contains a number of hands-on mini-exhibits on the human stomach and digestive system. Kids can pull and extend an example of the large intestine of a typical 8 year old child to its 17 feet length.

You and Me
Visitors can operate variable lighting controls to reveal the hidden skeleton deep inside their bodies. The more light that is allowed into the exhibit, the sharper the skeleton image becomes.

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