This program allows our volunteers to engage with our guests and provide families and students with a one-of-a-kind experience they'll always remember. As an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to select a variety of different activities within the center Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. including:

Engage Visitors

Ambassadors provide positive interactions with our guests by telling them more about the exhibits they are near or about the animals they are looking at. Ambassadors will be able to carry index cards that have information with fun facts about our animals and how-tos for some of our exhibits.

Animal Handling & Enrichment

Ambassadors can interact with animals they are comfortable handling, allowing them to further educate visitors about the animals in our center while giving them time to touch and look at the animals. Ambassadors can also help create enriching toys/objects to go into animal cages that provide them with an exciting environment.

Curate Exhibits

Ambassadors will work alongside our staff members as a team to create new exhibits or refurbish some of our older exhibits. We are always looking for new exhibits and are ready to take an existing exhibit up a notch by adding new elements to it.

Run Science Activities

Ambassadors will create an engaging environment with hands-on activities during a special event or in our DREAMS Lab. Activities can include engineering challenges, slime experiments, and other STEAM-related activities.


Being an Ambassador at ECSC has its perks! You may accrue and “cash in” your hours for rewards at any time.  After hours are redeemed, they may not be redeemed for another reward.  

  • Complete 5 hours: 1 free admission pass

  • Complete 10 hours: 1 $5 gift certificate for the museum or gift shop

  • Complete 15 hours: 1 ticket to a workshop or program of your choice

  • Complete 25 hours: 2 tickets to a workshop or program of your choice

The following are limited to once per year:

  • Complete 40 hours: Family membership

  • Complete 50 hours: Friends of Science membership

Ambassador Program Job Descriptions:

Ambassador Level 1: 1-30 Volunteer Hours

  • Interact with guests. Talk with them about the animals we have or help them better understand an exhibit.

  • Learn how to use the exhibits, especially those harder to understand, so that you can share inside “secrets” on how to work them with guests.

  • Keep the center tidy, especially when the center is busy.

Ambassador Level 2: 31-60 Volunteer Hours

  • Any Ambassador Level 1 jobs.

  • Train to take out the animals and talk about them with guests. Allow guests to touch the animals; do not let them hold them.

  • Run pop-up stations in a designated area of the museum to offer new opportunities for guests to interact with the center.

  • Assist educators with activities for Discover Science Saturdays or Birthday Parties.

Ambassador Level 3: 61 or above Volunteer Hours

  • Any Ambassador Level 1 or 2 jobs.

  • Train to run our SMALLab Learning exhibit for guests.

  • Represent the center at community outreach events.

  • Run the Makerspace/DREAMS Lab during visiting hours.

Ambassador Program Requirement

Volunteers must be 16 or older to become a part of the Ambassador Program due to the nature of the activities they can engage in.

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Volunteer Handbook

Read through our Volunteer Handbook to learn more about our Volunteer Policies for volunteer hours, attire, and etiquette.


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Current Ambassadors

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