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From Tickles the Snake to while and crazy parakeets... be sure to visit our Critters exhibits for lots of fun!

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Tickles the Snake

Tickles is an Albino Corn Snake, Elaphne guttatta. This snake is found mainly in the Eastern United states from New Jersey to Florida to Texas. In our area of Florida it is very common. The snake is called a corn snake, not because it eats lots of corn, but because of its coloration and belly scales which resemble Indian Corn.

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Wentz Scopes

The two Wentz scopes are the perfect way for kids to see parts of the microscope world around them. With a viewing lens that is 4 across, your family can examine over 50 slides including legs and wings from various insects, different kids of hair from various animals and seeds and pollen from the plant world around us.

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Rosy the Tarantula

Rosie hails from the grasslands of Chile, which is a country of drastic differences in weather and climate. Rosie feels on members of the insect world around her. Her main method of attacking insects like crickets are the two very long fangs which inject venom into her intended dinner.

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Wild & Crazy Parakeets

The museums parakeets belong to the Parrots, which explains why they are capable of talking. Most parakeets in the wild can be found in Australia in a desert-like landscape where there are no regular rainy seasons. These very colorful birds come in range of colors from blue, gray, white and yellow.

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A Piece of the Petrified Forest

During the depression in 1932, a 16 year old boy from our areas tucked this piece of petrified wood from the Petrified Forest into his car. During these economically lean years, the Petrified Forest was rarely visited. Wood turns to stone when minerals replace rotting wood over eons of time. This particular tree co-existed with the dinosaurs from the Triassic era 225 million years ago.


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