Engineering / Physics / Electricity / Energy Bike

Bottle Lightning

Your family will experiment with a huge sphere filled with electricity and plasma. During the sphere's creation, nearly all of the air was sucked out, leaving only a few low pressure gasses. The sphere and the gasses inside are continually bombarded by lots of high-voltage electricity. When you put your hands on the sphere, large bolts of gaseous plasma are instantly drawn to them. While you don't feel a thing, the result is visually fascinating!

Hand Battery

Most kids have no idea what causes the electricity to flow in a common battery. This exhibit will show them how that happens. All they need to do is put one hand on a copper plate and the other on a zinc plate. The potential difference in changes between both hands causes an electric charge to actually flow through the body from one plate to the other. The actual current flow is measured by a meter in front of the visitor.

Energy Bike
Fun Physics
Bernoulli Blower

What makes airplanes stay in the air; this exhibit answers that question.  As visitor turns a switch on, a column of air is blown from the top of the exhibit, suspending a rubber ball in the air.  The air being blasted up on all sides of the ball creates a low pressure system, which in turn creates lift.  This same phenomenon is what pulls the top of the wing of an airplane in flight upward.

Fun Physics
Momentum Balls

This exhibit demonstrates what scientists call the Law of the Conservation of Momentum.  The visitor drops a number of balls on a wire, ranging from small to large, on a bowling ball.   The momentum of the larger balls on the bottom of the stack is transferred to the smaller ball on top.  But the smaller ball goes WAY higher than the larger balls.

Fun Physics
Air Cannon

Air is a gas with far less molecules than solids or liquids. But it is a form of matter nonetheless.  All matter can be compressed into a smaller area.  This exhibit shows what happens when the visitor hits a large rubber drum head at the rear of the exhibit.  Air rushes from a small hole in the front of the exhibit and travels across space, striking other objects with a wave of compressed air.

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