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Mini Makers Lab: Stomp Rockets

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Photo Credit: Mrs. Sabrina S.

3,2,1 Blast-off!!

Have you ever built a stomp rocket before? Our Mini Makers and Experimenters loved creating theirs! As seen above, they created a stomp rocket out of bright orange copy paper and a PVC pipe. After rolling the copy paper around the PVC pipe, they folded one end of the paper to seal the rocket. Then it was decorating time! From equipment stickers to hand drawings, all was put on the stomp rockets.

After this, the stomp rockets were ready to be sent into space! We took the rockets outside and slid them over a different PVC pipe. This pipe was connected to a plastic tube, and at the very end of that tube a 2-liter soda bottle was attached. The soda bottle provided the fuel to the rocket; air! Once the rocket was in place, the Makers and Experimenters each got to stomp on the soda bottle and watch their rockets zoom into space!

Our Mini Makers and Experimenters Lab runs on the Second and Fourth Thursday of every month, and what we do together is read a book (sometimes more than one) and then do a hands-on experiment such as the Stomp Rockets. We have some amazing families that come to this event regularly, and we would love to see you there if you have younger children who are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Math (STEAM)!

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