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Looking for custom programs to help supplement the standards your class is currently learning? Look no further! Wi-Sci is here to connect your classroom to virtual science lessons. These live Zoom lessons are a great way to explore across multiple disciplines. Whether you need a lessons for in-school, after school, or out of school programs, we're here to help.

Every lesson is 40-45 minutes in length including Q&A time with our knowledgeable educators. Our instructors have a wide variety of educational backgrounds and skills, and they are happy to share their expertise with your students via lessons cultivated specifically to your class. Let us know what it is you'd like your students to learn, and we'll build a lesson that is engaging and memorable.

Wi-Sci is a flat rate of $75 per lesson. These lessons can be broadcast on up to 100 devices.

To book your Wi-Sci program, call 850-664-1261 and speak with Lisa, our Program Coordinator.

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