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Cici the Blue & Gold Macaw
Rubin the Hedgehog
Sebastian the Tortoise
Crick the Degu
Alex the Rose Hair Tarantula
Claire the Gecko

The Science Center is a small independent nonprofit, and support from community members like you make our museum possible. Animal sponsorships are an excellent means to assist with the cost of an Animal Ambassador's food, shelter, and veterinary care. These sponsorships make wonderful gifts and allow these amazing animals to live in comfort. By donating just $10, you can help feed one of our animals for a month. Together, we can continue to fill children's lives with wonder and the magic of science through our animal presentations.

Benefits: Sponsorship benefits include your name/logo on the Science Center website Animal Sponsorship page and on your animal's habitat, 4 free passes for general admission, 10% off gift shop merchandise, and a meet and greet with the animal you sponsor (note: not all animals can be removed from their habitat for safety reasons, but you will still be able to see and learn about your animal in a one-on-one session with our education staff and your animal). 

Cost: We have a wide variety of animals at the center, all with various levels of food and shelter requirements. Due to the nature of our sponsorship benefits, we do ask if you sponsor an animal that it is for a minimum of 12 months. If you would prefer a one-time animal donation, please click here; if you'd like to donate individual items to our animals, please click here. To sponsor an animal, please fill out the form below. Cost for animal sponsorships per month:

Thank you to our current animal sponsors!

Pierre Sponsored Sign.png
Ghez sponsored sign.png
Amy sponsor sign.png
Alex sponsored sign.png
Ella sponsor sign.png
Sonic sponsor sign.png
Cici sponsor sign (500 × 200 px).png
Mary sponsored sign.png
Wolfgang sponsored sign.png
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