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How does this program help the Science Center?


Your monthly gift ensures sustainability for the museum, allowing the center to provide children and visitors with fun, memorable scientific encounters. From caring for Animal Ambassadors to allowing educators to create exciting programs and keep regular museum activities thriving, every monthly donation supports all aspects of the center. Your involvement makes it possible for the Science Center to focus on engaging students and learners of all ages.

Every program and workshop the museum offers is aimed at inspiring and growing a scientifically engaged community, whether it be for young women in STEM, students eager to have hands-on educational encounters, or adults with a deep-rooted appreciation for science. We exist to provide these experiences and increase awareness of just how impactful STEM can be for each and every one of us.

As a small, independent nonprofit, every single donation, big or small, gives us the chance to reach students. With the help of donors like you, we can encourage the next Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, or Sally Ride to grow that love of science and change the world.


How does this program help you?


As an Essential Element member, you can give at various levels, change the amount you give if needed, and have the assurance that your gift is changing lives by providing hands-on encounters with science. You also receive the following benefits for being a supporting member of the museum: 
  • 10% discount on programs, workshops, and gift shop items.
  • 6 free passes to the museum for each year you give.
  • Subscription to our quarterly newsletter for updates, sneak previews of events, and early ticket sales.
  • Recognition on our Essential Elements display in the museum.
  • Secure recurring payments via PayPal or Stripe.
  • Receive a consolidated tax receipt at year end.
  • As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donation is tax deductible


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