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Volunteers at Okaloosa Boardwalk
Volunteer group
Volunteer group


Do you have experience in a STEM field, education or just love learning and science? Then volunteering at the Science Center is the right choice for you! 

Opportunities abound

We have a wide range of opportunities including exhibit development and maintenance, care taker opportunities, and more! If you have not volunteered with us before, fill out the form to the right and then speak with our Volunteer Coordinator to schedule your volunteer hours. Be sure to bring a signed copy of our waiver form when you arrive for your first volunteer shift.  

Volunteer Handbook

Read through our Volunteer Handbook to learn more about our Volunteer Policies for volunteer hours, attire, and etiquette.

Volunteer Program Job Descriptions:

Caretaker Volunteer:

  • Cleaning Caretaker: Care for the center by cleaning exhibit areas, sweeping, vacuuming, wiping things down, etc.

  • Animal Caretaker: Care for the animals at the center by cleaning their cages, giving them some extra love, and showing them to quests.  (This requires supervision from a staff member until you are trained enough to care for the animals on your own).

  • Yard & Garden Caretaker: Do yard work; pulling weeds, raking and bagging up leaves, mowing the lawn, etc.​.​

Maker Volunteer:

  • Construction: Help us renovate and build exhibits to keep our museum fresh and exciting.

  • Exhibit Care: Help us with the maintenance of current exhibits. Create new exhibits to bring in new forms of learning to our museum. Brainstorm plans and ideas for new exhibits or renovations to the exhibits we have now.

Educator Volunteer:

  • Educator Assistant: Work alongside an educator at our workshops, field trips, or weekend events. 

  • SMALLab Lead: Run our SMALLab room when we have it open to the public. 

  • Workshop Lead: If you have a special science related skill we would love to hear from you and what you could offer us at the science center. Space is limited.

We love groups, too

If you have a group interested in doing a volunteer workday, please contact our volunteer coordinator at We always have projects for groups!

Current Volunteers

If you would like a list of your hours that you have completed please email the Volunteer Coordinator at


Email our volunteer coordinator at for more information!

Volunteer Program Requirement

Volunteers must be 16 or older become a part of the Volunteer Program due to the nature of the activities they can engage in.

Sign Up Today

If you have never volunteered with the Science Center before, please fill out the form below. When you come in for your first Volunteer shift, please bring a signed copy of our waiver form. Once you have signed these forms, please email our volunteer coordinator with your reason for volunteering and what opportunities you may be interested in.

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