Summer Camp Wrap-Up!

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We had a fantastic time at summer camp this year!

Each week in June boasted a different theme. We started the month exploring the past in a world of dinosaurs. Week two dove into the oceans, discovering secrets of their depths (and shallows)! In the third week, our students became science investigators, solving mysteries and problem solving their way through the week. Our final week blasted off into space, trekking through our solar system and beyond.

These hands-on, minds-on camps were a fantastic way to get students engaged in science and build upon an already established love for science. The campers created, explored and had a great time with friends. Our favorite days were the messy ones!

Interview with a camper:

Interviewer - Myself

Camper - Greyton B. (pictured to the left)

I: What was your favorite part of camp this week (space week)?

G: Being with everyone, they were nice and fun.

I: Did you make new friends?

G: Yes! Bryce, Dallas & Charlie

I: What is your favorite exhibit at ECSC?

G: Air cannon, bermoulli ball, topographic box (pictured below).

I: Do you want to come back next year?

G: Yes!

For a science educator, there is nothing better than seeing the wheels of imagination begin to turn in a young scientist’s brain. Thanks for choosing the Emerald Coast Science Center for your children’s summer camp, we hope to see you all next year!

(Pictured left, myself and the camp kids in week 2)

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