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Stocking Stuffer of the Week #3

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

We have TONS of brand new toys and tech at the center in our gift shop that is the perfect present for the scientist in your friends and family! Our Stocking Stuffer for this week is Magna Buzz--a toy that can teach kids about magnetism while having fun!


The magna buzz makes a super cool sound when you throw the two magnets in the air. With that being said, it doesn't always make the same noise each time! Depending on how long the magnets are in the air, where they touch, etc. changes the noise.

Our staff have all tried this super cool stocking stuffer--and we can assure you even the older scientists in your family will love it. You can come try it yourself this week during our business hours (10am-4pm Wednesday-Saturday)!


Looking for gifts for your family resident scientist? Check out our previous blog here to see the different things that are in our gift shop that would be a perfect gift!

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