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Discover the sizzling stories behind the constellations in this planetarium event for adults. Explore the legends and mythology hidden in the sky as you take a trip through the cosmos during the ultimate date night adventure.

This event is held quarterly--stayed tuned here and on our Facebook page for the latest dates and information.


August 26, 2021

Shows at 6 and 7 p.m.

Both shows explore Eastern European Myths:

Medieval  Slavic Europe was a wild place to be. In lands surrounded by dense  forests and blanketed in winter snow, pagan beliefs mixed with  Christianity, native peoples mixed with Rus Vikings, and Volkhvy priests  stared up at the sky & made predictions. It’s no wonder that we are  left today with so many bawdy & vulgar stories of the Slavs. In  this specialty show, you’ll meet the colorful folk characters that the  stars & planets are named after from countries such as Poland,  Russia, Belarus, Macedonia, Serbia, & Ukraine. You’ll see a dazzling  display of Slavic constellations, learn how to keep the invisible  Domovoi who lives in your home happy, and how to avoid being seduced by a  Rusalka or Vila.


Nonmember $9 adults/$8 seniors 

Members $7 adults/$6 seniors

For guests ages 18 and up

Tickets can be purchased on our event page or by calling 850-664-1261.

Our Planetarium is an inflatable dome. Guests sit on cushions on the floor of the planetarium to view the show. Due to size, space is limited to 20 patrons at a time. Purchasing tickets in advance is highly recommended for this reason. On show nights, please arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled showing. In case of no-shows/late shows: reserved spots will be released at show time to make space for the next party.

Seating is limited and very popular. We encourage purchasing your tickets in advance, as this is a first come, first served event.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must occur 24 hrs prior to your show time to receive a refund. No Shows will not receive a refund.

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