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Lessons tailored to grades 4-8

Learn online! With our Virtual Science Lab, students in grades 4-8 can explore a different subject every month. Our standards-based lessons include four weeks of programming. During week one, a prerecorded video lesson and a brief Science Snap will be sent via email. The video focuses on introducing the topic for that month and provides a hands-on activity to complete at home, and the Science Snap is an additional brief 6-8 minute video lesson. In week two, we'll send out the second Science Snap, a subject-based experiment to carry out at home. During week three, we'll email a Science Snap that dives into exploring different career fields related to the subject; the final week, our Science Snap will allow an expert in one of these career fields discuss their job and the science behind it.

During weeks 1-3, we welcome students to send in any and all questions they have about the subject and experiments. We'll provide an email address to send questions to with your first week's materials.


​Cost per subject/month:
$45 members / $50 nonmembers

$2,000 flat rate per school for access to all months


Access to Virtual Science Lab can be purchased each month by phone at 850-664-1261.


Virtual Science Lab Topics

Each month will provide in-depth exploration about a different field of science. This includes lessons, activities, studying career pathways, and the chance to listenan expert in the field questions about their work.


Marine Biology




Mechanical Engineering

Robotic Engineering




Acoustic Technology/Sound Engineering