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Lessons tailored to grades 1st-5th*

We invite all young explorers (ages 6-12) to take part in our Home School Science Academy.  Students will participate in hands-on science lessons designed to foster a life-long love for science.

Home School Academy is a drop-off program, and as such it allows many of our home school students to interact with our educators and other students in a classroom setting. These classes are designed to engage, stimulate, encourage, and challenge young children with hands on exploration using a typical class arrangement.

Classes scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of the month (through May)

Due to increased demand, additional classes have been opened up for select Mondays listed below. Additional dates are only available for new registrants. We are unable to switch current registrants to the additional dates.

9:00 am-1:00 pm

Cost per session:
$30 members | $35 nonmembers


Students will need to bring their own lunch

Preregistration is required: please ensure your registration forms have been submitted and tickets purchased online, via phone, or in person to secure your child's spot in the program as space is limited. YOUR CHILD'S SPOT IN THE WORKSHOP IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL PAYMENT IS PROCESSED. To register, please complete our registration form and
email it to us or bring it with you to the workshop; you can also sign up via our events page.

*Students must be at a first grade reading level. Book all 10 classes in advance and receive 10% off your registration. There will be no refunds offered for missed classes without notice. To receive a 75% refund for a missed class, please provide one weeks advance notice.

Looking for more scientific adventures for your children? Check out our Maker Days workshops! We'll have different themed activities each month for multiple age groups We also have middle school workshops for grades 6-8.


2021-2022 Home School Academy Schedule

August 17:  Animal Safari

G’Day, Mate! Looking to explore and learn about new animals all over the world? Our planet is home to a wide variety of animals, so let’s learn about their similarities and differences and meet some real-life examples of them, too!


September 21: Space

Put on your astronaut suit and grab your telescopes ‘cause we are exploring space! Join us as we blast off into outer space and explore everything in it and see how scientists discovered worlds beyond our own.


October 19: Robotics

Additional class October 18

Gear up! Programming and Coding are just some of the few ways you will learn how to use robots in this day full of visiting our resident robot collection. We promise your robotic skills will be far from rusty after today.


November 16: Chemistry

Additional class November 15

Let’s compound your chemical knowledge, perform hands-on experiments, and discover how chemical reactions occur in this fun and interactive Homeschool Academy. You’ll leave today a true PRO(ton)!


December 14: Electricity*

High voltage!! Electricity powers our modern-day society, but how does it work? Learn about circuits, electricity, and how we can utilize them for some of our most essential technologies.


January 18: Energy is Everywhere

Additional class January 17

Discover the various forms of energy, how to distinguish them from one another, and where they can be commonly found in our environment while creating different types of energy.


February 15: Earth Science

Additional class February 14

Let’s Rock Out and learn about Earth all the way down to the core. Join us we dig into what our Earth is made of and all of the exciting gems inside of it.


March 15: Bug’s Life

Additional class March 14

​It truly is a bug’s world out there! Let’s learn just how biodiverse these animals are while also exploring habitats, life cycles, and more.


April 19: Human Anatomy

Additional class April 18

Do you know yourself as well as you think? Get a deeper understanding of what it means to be human as we learn about the body systems that are needed for life as we know it and how to take care of them.


May 17: Engineering

Additional class May 16

What can you invent? Build up your knowledge while we use our hands to create and explore the inner workings of inventions all around us.

*Holiday schedule