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*New schedule for 2021-2022!

Looking for more scientific adventures for your younger home school children? Check out our Home School Academy and Maker Days workshops!


A drop-off program with lessons tailored to grades 6th-8th

​We invite all middle schoolers in grades 6-8 to our Pathways program. With these workshops, home school students will design, build, and test new challenges every week. These challenges will help students explore career pathways across STEM disciplines. Each month in our workshops we'll explore a new topic. At every session, students can expect a fun and different lesson from week to week. Each session builds off one another, so it is recommended students attend all sessions for the month.

Classes scheduled every 2nd and 4th Wednesday beginning in Fall 2021

1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Cost per session:
$25 nonmember

$20 member

Book both lessons for 1 month at the same time and receive 10% off the total price

Sign up via our events page or call 850-664-1261. Please bring a completed registration form with you to your child's first workshop.

Upcoming Workshops 2021-2022


September & October - Glowforge

Let’s get fired up! In September & October we will be designing and building projects that can be cut by lasers right before our eyes. 


9/8 - Design a key chain and name tag.

9/22 - Design and build an airplane.

10/13 - Design and build circuit blocks to use with LED lights and motors.

10/27 - Design a postcard that has cut out pieces.

November & December - Microbit Programming

Dive into coding, bit by bit! We will be learning to code using the Microbit this November & December. Projects will include creating games, building mazes, and launching objects from your very own catapult!


11/10 - Code a micro pet and a game.

11/24 - Build and code catapult with the Microbit.

12/8 - Build and make your own operation game with the Microbit.

12/22 - Christmas Break 

January & February - Alternative Energy

Let the sunshine in! Join us in January & February as we discuss renewable energy by building solar robots and make tasty treats in custom solar ovens. 


1/12 - Build and design a solar bug. Investigate the best source of light to make it work.

1/26 - Research, design and build a solar oven.

2/9 - Finish building the oven and test making s’mores.

2/23 - Potato Battery: How to Turn Produce into Veggie Power!

March, April, & May - Zoo Habitat 

Let’s get wild! March through May, we will step into the shoes of a Zoologist and a Zoo Habitat Designer. We will be learning about animals, budgeting for their habitat, and building a zoo enclosure to keep them safe and happy. 


3/9 - Research an animal or create an animal that you have discovered and design a zoo habitat for it.

4/13 - Make budget for habitat and begin building.

4/27 - Finish building habitat and showcase the zoo.

5/11 - Learn about animal adaptations and some of the inventions that have been made in the Biomimicry Challenge in our final Pathways session of the school year.