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A drop-off program with lessons tailored to grades 6th-8th

​We invite all middle schoolers in grades 6-8 to our Pathways program. With these workshops, home school students will design, build, and test new challenges. These challenges will help students explore career pathways across STEM disciplines.


We will explore new topics every two months. At every session, students can expect a fun and different lesson that builds off what was learned in the previous class. Because of this, it is recommended students attend all sessions for both months so they can follow along and complete activities and goals needed to get to the final result/product.

Classes scheduled every 2nd and 4th Wednesday:

1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Cost per session:
$30 nonmember

$25 member

Book all lessons for each themed segment at the same time and receive 10% off the total price (segments are defined below on the calendar listing)

Sign up via our events page or call 850-664-1261. Please bring a completed registration form with you to your child's first workshop. If you wish to register for multiple classes at once, please email with your completed registration form and the dates you'd like to sign up for to be invoiced.

Additional Information:

-While our staff will make every effort to accommodate any special needs of students, we are not trained behavior specialists. If you wish to discuss your child's needs or address any redirection strategies you use at home with our staff, please schedule a one-on-one conference with an educator at least a week before your child's next class.

-To schedule a conference, please call us at 850-664-1261 or email

-Please closely review the code of conduct page on the registration form as it outlines behavior expectations so that no students disrupt the class for the rest of the children learning during a session.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Cancellations made 48 hours or more in advance of the event date will incur a 10% administrative fee. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the event will incur a 30% administrative fee. There will be no refunds offered for missed classes without notice once class has occurred.

2024-2025 Themed Segments

September and October - UBTECH Robotics

Unlock the future with UBTech Robotics! Dive into the world of robotics and technology, where participants will explore fundamentals of robotics, programming, and engineering using UBTech’s cutting-edge kits.

  • 9/11 Foundations - Grabber and Fan: Kick start your robotics journey by building and programming a grabber and a fan, learning the basics of robotics and engineering.

  • 9/25 Human and Helper Robots: Explore the world of humanoid and carrier robots, discovering their functions and how to bring them to life through coding.
  • 10/9 Fantastic Beasts: Get creative with animal-inspired robotics by constructing an elephant trunk and a snail, with an extra challenge of building a dinosaur.

  • 10/23 Creature Creations: Continue your animal robotics adventure by designing and programming a snake and an octopus, with an additional task of making a scorpion.


November, December, and first half of January: Animal Husbandry

Discover the fascinating world of animal husbandry in this hands-on series of workshops. Focused on exotic animals and more, participants will learn about the care, management, and health of a variety of the unique species at the Emerald Coast Science Center.

  • 11/13 Mammal Mania: Delve into the world of the Science Center's mammals, exploring their biology, behaviors, and care essentials with hands-on activities and engaging discussions.

  • 11/20* Reptile Rendezvous: Embark on an adventure with the Science Center's snakes and lizards, uncovering their fascinating biology, habitats, and management techniques through interactive learning experiences.
  • 12/11 Bird Bonanza: Fly into the avian world, discovering the diversity of birds, their unique biology, enrichment strategies, and specialized care tips for feathered friends.

  • 1/8 Turtle Time: Dive deep into chelonian biology and care, learning about turtles' adaptations, habitats, dietary needs, and practical care techniques in an engaging workshop setting.

Second half of January, February, and first half of March: Forensic Fun

Step into the world of forensic science in this captivating series of workshops. Participants will learn the techniques used by real-life detectives, from fingerprint analysis to crime scene investigation, uncovering the secrets behind solving mysteries.

  • 1/22 Scene Sleuths: Uncover the secrets of crime scene investigation as Scene Sleuths! Learn essential skills like mapping, sketching, and meticulous evidence collection techniques to crack the case.

  • 2/12 Print and Chem Detectives: Become a Print Detective and delve into the world of fingerprints! Master the art of collecting, classifying, and identifying various prints you may encounter on a crime scene. Students will also unravel mysteries through forensic chemistry experiments with chromatography and unknown powder identification.
  • 2/26 Bio Detectives: Become a Bio Detective on a journey through biological evidence! Explore blood typing using synthetic blood kits and uncover clues hidden in hair samples under microscopes, sharpening your skills in forensic investigation.

  • 3/12: Fire Investigators: Step into the shoes of Fire Investigators in this thrilling Arson Inquiry Lab! Design and construct a model house, then investigate simulated arson scenarios to understand fire dynamics and analyze burn patterns.

Second half of March, April, and May: 3D Innovation Lab

Join us in the 3D Innovation Lab and discover the possibilities of the 3Doodler pen! Dive into hands-on creativity as you design and build unique structures, exploring engineering and design concepts in a fun and interactive workshop.

  • 3/26 Chair-ific Creations:Participants will dive into chair design using 3Doodler pens, embracing creativity and engineering to meet specific criteria and constraints.

  • 4/9 Doodler Doctors: Teams will collaborate to design and doodle prototypes of animal prosthetics using 3Doodler pens, applying STEM skills to solve simulated design challenges for animal rehabilitation.
  • 4/23 Bridge Builders: Students will embark on a structural engineering adventure, designing and constructing bridges with 3Doodler pens to span gaps and withstand heavy loads.

  • 5/14 Mini Metropolis: In this session, small groups will brainstorm and build a miniature cityscape using geometric shapes created with 3Doodler pens, exploring concepts of area, perimeter, and urban planning in a playful setting.

*Alternate date

Looking for more scientific adventures for your younger home school children? Check out our Home School Academy and Maker Days workshops!

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