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A drop-off program with lessons tailored to grades 6th-8th

​We invite all middle schoolers in grades 6-8 to our Pathways program. With these workshops, home school students will design, build, and test new challenges. These challenges will help students explore career pathways across STEM disciplines.


We will explore new topics every two months. At every session, students can expect a fun and different lesson that builds off what was learned in the previous class. Because of this, it is recommended students attend all sessions for both months so they can follow along and complete activities and goals needed to get to the final result/product.

Classes scheduled every 2nd and 4th Wednesday:

1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Cost per session:
$25 nonmember

$20 member

Book all lessons for each themed segment at the same time and receive 10% off the total price (segments are defined below on the calendar listing)

Sign up via our events page or call 850-664-1261. Please bring a completed registration form with you to your child's first workshop. If you wish to register for multiple classes at once, please email with your completed registration form and the dates you'd like to sign up for to be invoiced.

Additional Information:

-While our staff will make every effort to accommodate any special needs of students, we are not trained behavior specialists. If you wish to discuss your child's needs or address any redirection strategies you use at home with our staff, please schedule a one-on-one conference with an educator at least a week before your child's next class.

-To schedule a conference, please call us at 850-664-1261 or email

-Please closely review the code of conduct page on the registration form as it outlines behavior expectations so that no students disrupt the class for the rest of the children learning during a session.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Cancellations made 48 hours or more in advance of the event date will incur a 10% administrative fee. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the event will incur a 30% administrative fee. There will be no refunds offered for missed classes without notice once class has occurred.

Upcoming Workshops 2023-2024


September and October - Entomology

These sessions will introduce students to the world of insects, as they develop an understanding of their incredible diversity, and learn how to pin these amazing creatures. These sessions build off each other.


  • 9/13 Insect Classification & Ant Picnic: Learn the basis of how to classify insects and conduct an experiment on ant behavior.

  • 9/27 Life Cycles of Pests & Beneficial Insects: Students will explore the yard for various stages of insects and discuss why some are considered pests and some beneficial.

  • 10/11 Create an Insect Collection: Students will learn how to safely collect and pin a variety of different insects.  

  • 10/25 Create an Insect Collection Continued: Session continued from the one before. Collections will either be to take home or leave at the center for display.

November, December, and January - Chemistry 

 Discover the magic of chemistry as students explore the fascinating world of atoms, elements, and chemical reactions through engaging hands-on experiments and demonstrations. These sessions build off each other but will be different experiments each time.


  • 11/8 The Periodic Table of Elements:  An introduction to chemistry with a project to follow where they will design their own periodic table.

  • 11/15* Edible Chemistry Lab: Students will conduct experiments on the reactions, properties, and transformations that occur in the kitchen.

  • 12/13 Polymer Lab: Students will conduct experiments to determine what makes the best slime, bouncy ball and much more.

  • 12/27: No class due to the holidays.

  • 1/10 pH & Electrolysis Lab: Students will conduct experiments to determine the pH properties of various materials and set up an electrolysis device to observe gas.

January, February, and March - Dash Robot Coding

Can you code it? Students will use Dash the Robot to complete a new coding challenge each session. These sessions build off each other but will be different experiments each time.


  • 1/24 Introduction to Dash & Farm Animal Noise Machine Challenge: In this puzzle, students will get an introduction lesson on Dash and then program it to act out different animals when Dash’s head is moved left, right, up, and down.

  • 2/14 Basketball Challenge: Students will test and investigate the best settings that can be used with the launcher to accurately make the basket while practicing measuring and data collecting.

  • 2/28 Scientists Biography Timeline Challenge: Students will research and develop a timeline depicting a scientist’s life, then code their robots to go through the timeline and tell the story of the scientist's life.

  • 3/13 Forces of Attraction: Dash will help students conduct a scientific experiment to find out which objects are more magnetic than others and how magnets interact with each other.

March, April, and May - Simple Machines

Students will explore the world of simple machines by constructing and experimenting with levers, pulleys, inclined planes, and more, to understand the principles behind these fundamental tools of mechanics. These sessions build off each other.


  • 3/27 Wheeling It In!: Design and build a vehicle that will carry a load.

  • 4/10 Moving Water: Students will design their own well using pulleys and explore how to move water with a screw like design.

  • 4/24 Rube Goldberg Challenge: Students will design and build a Rube Goldberg machine that uses all 6 simple machines.

  • 5/8 Rube Goldberg Challenge Continued: Session continued from the one before. Machine will be made to take home.

*Holiday schedule

Looking for more scientific adventures for your younger home school children? Check out our Home School Academy and Maker Days workshops!

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