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Snake Day with Renos Reptiles

We had a wonderful turnout for our Snake Day presented by Renos Reptiles. From snakes to tarantulas, they had it all!

Pictured: Tim Reno | Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

Renos Reptiles presented their assortment of animals to the public and to our field trips that were at the center that day. The animals presented included a rescued Iguana, multiple snakes, a baby alligator, a chameleon, a tortoise, bearded dragons, a tarantula, and even a scorpion! These animals have been rescued and taken care of by the Renos Reptiles team, and they are very friendly and sweet.

Pictured: Tim Reno, Starla Reno, and Spartacus | Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

Families were shown Spartacus (pictured above), a tortoise, who is about 11 years old. They were also shown smaller versions of Spartacus that were about the size of your palm, only being months old. These guys can live to be about 100 or more years, and up to 200 pounds! "The babies in the room would still be taking care of these few months old tortoises." said Tim, reminding everyone of just how long tortoises can live! This can be said for other animals, including birds, as well!

Pictured: Tim Reno | Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

Did you know that snakes are strong and great climbers? One of the snakes while being presented decided to become a pair of handcuffs, and Tim couldn't get out of these ones! A misconception we hear in our Creature Features from kids is that they think snakes don't have bones, because they are so flexible, but they wouldn't be a reptile if they didn't have bones. We show them that they have a head, backbone, and ribs that allows them to still be flexible because their ribs don't have a sternum that connects them like we do!

Pictured: Mrs. Iggy | Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

Mrs. Iggy was one of our favorites! She was sadly burned on parts of her body, seen where she has the white skin instead of her natural green/brown coloration. But she is happy as can be, especially right here as she eats her kale! We can't wait to see the amazing animals they bring for next year's Snake Day!

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