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Science Center Grand Prix Circuit

Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

For our latest Discover Science Saturday, we hit the racetrack! Between our Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers games, Hot Wheels tracks, and our Makedo KITs, our racers had a blast.

Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

We had everything you could think of to create a race car and more! Visitors could pick between creating a small race car for testing or one that was big enough to sit in. Once they created the smaller race cars, built to use potential and kinetic energy from rubber bands positioned underneath, then they were off! We had a variety of race cars, including an ice cream truck, a Bat mobile, and an "on fire" speedster.

Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

Above is one of our precious GEMs (attendee of our Girls Engaged in Making workshops) who decided to create a car that she could sit in! As you can clearly see, she has a love for STEAM. Her grandmother also was a huge helper while creating the car, mirrors and all.

Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

We even played with some tech, including the Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers Game. The visitors use small circle-shaped chips to code whether they want to go faster, miss an attack, or distract the other person's car all while trying to be the first person to the finish line! Plus, they get to pick what dazzling Hot Wheel they will use to race with.

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