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Home School Gardening Day

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Our Home School Academy students planted a new garden for bees and butterflies!

Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

The home school students built the entire plot for the garden together. They worked together to move and place the different wood logs, and then our educators placed rebar into the logs to keep them in place.

Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

After this, the fun and messy task of putting gardening soil into the plot was next. The students had fun throwing in the soil and then patting it down to make an ever layer. After they filled a good amount of soil in the plot, they placed different plants in the plot. Plants included Forget-me-not, Jasmine, and other plants that can attract bees and butterflies.

Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

Along with the already growing plants, each student was able to plant seeds of different types of vegetables and fruits that we hope will grow soon! We'll be able to use them to feed our animals that live at the center. Come by and see what amazing butterflies and bees these plants will bring to our own backyard!

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