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Chemistry Demonstrations

Our Chemistry Demonstrations, or Chem Demos, are a huge hit this summer. Learning about acids, bases, chemical reactions, and physical reactions has never been this fun!

Creating elephant toothpaste takes only a few key ingredients; 30% hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodide, and dish soap. Add some food coloring, and then your elephant toothpaste looks just like your favorite brand of toothpaste! Except...this toothpaste gets really hot because of it's chemical reaction, so we don't actually use it to brush elephant's teeth. Fun fact: Elephant's have only six sets of teeth that wear out due to constant grinding of plants.

Testing out a hypothesis of whether or not sparklers can continue to light up under water led us to the conclusion that they could, in fact, not. Sparklers can't create their own oxygen, therefore once they come into contact with water their chemical reaction stops. But, thermite sticks are a different story. Check out the video below to see what they do once they are put under water!

Want to see the rest of the fun experiments we do at our Chem Demos? Come see any Wednesday-Friday at 10:30am. They'll be ongoing all summer long until August 10th!

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