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Murder at the Museum

Our first ever Sip & Science: Mystery at the Museum was held October 12th to a sold out crowd. The killer was hidden in plain sight, working along side their coworkers the entire event to throw suspicion onto others.

Sip & Science gives adults age 21 and up a chance to enjoy the museum after hours and play like a kid again. At this event, guests were searching for evidence of fingerprints and DNA, trying to find the identity of a mystery powder found at the crime scene, gauging footprints, comparing handwriting samples, and more! With this evidence, hidden clues, and interrogations of our suspects, they were able to crack the case.

Guests were dressed to impress with mystery-themed costumes, all trying to best each other for the awesome prize of Starbucks gift cards. The first to solve the murder and correctly identify the killer also received a gift basket with merchandise from our gift shop and some booze for later.

To those who took part in our murder mystery at the museum and out-sleuthed even Sherlock himself, thank you for making this event such a blast. Show us your photos and videos of the event on our Facebook page!

We're going to let the good times roll at our next Sip and Science in January, so prepare for Mardi Gras madness. And never fear, we'll revisit our murder mystery again next year with an all-new cast. Thanks again for joining us!

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