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You Can Make Change Happen

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

As the Science Center continues to stay true to its mission to inspire a scientifically engaged community, we are faced with the ongoing effects COVID-19 has on non-profits. After a three-month closure beginning March, many of our revenue sources have come to a complete halt. From field trips to traditional fundraising events, most of our programming still could not take place when we reopened the museum in June.

In early July, we turned to our community and asked for help in order to ensure the center can continue to provide educational experiences for students and families across Northwest Florida. Since then, we have seen an out pouring of support from locals and visitors! These funds raised allow us to implement new virtual programs, care for our animals, and continue to positively impact children through memorable learning opportunities. At this time, our community has raised over $40,000 between Facebook fundraisers, in person donations, and our campaign page.

Our overall goal is to raise $60,000, and with your support, the Science Center can continue to grow and better serve Northwest Florida. As we work towards a new future for the center, we appreciate the help of our community, including you! See below for different ways that you can support the museum, both through monetary donations or by sharing our campaign.

Ways to Support the Science Center:

-Renew your membership, purchase a membership for a friend, or purchase a gift certificate.

-Visit the center! You can purchase tickets online for contact-less payment.

-Own a business or know someone who does? Join our Mark Our Calendar fundraiser and sponsor a month for our 2021-22 calendar. We only have five months left to fill!

-Share our relief campaign via email, social media, or even begin your own fundraiser on Facebook to help us move forward.

-Looking for a birthday greeting or special message to send to your loved ones? For $25, you can get a personalized video message featuring one of the science center’s Animal Ambassadors!

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