SMALLab Experience Officially Open

With the ribbon cutting of our new SMALLab exhibit, we've added an entirely new and unique way to learn about different STEAM subjects all within one exhibit. From matching colors and shapes to learning about chemistry, SMALLab has opened up a whole new level of education for our visitors.

Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

With over 300 different lessons, including ones that we can change the content of, we can cater our sessions to all ages! Some of these lessons include a laser maze where mirrors can be used to hit a target, putting the different stages of an animal's life in order, or particle predator where particles can be coded to do react different ways depending on what other particle they hit. We're excited to have the exhibit open throughout the summer where we will be able to engage as many visitors as possible in this new experience.

“We hope that SMALLab will be a game changer, not just for the Science Center, but for the children and families who visit our center. This is such a unique way to learn, and the opportunities for how we approach learning are endless with this exhibit,” Diane Fraser, Emerald Coast Science Center Executive Director, says.

Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

Thanks to the generosity of the women of Impact100 of Northwest Florida, we were able to completely remodel our two classrooms and purchase the SMALLab exhibit. The exhibit includes a projector, a computer, a sound system, and infrared cameras that capture the movement of the SMALLab wands that are used to control the lessons. The Impact100 women are the reason that we can continue to bring new ideas and concepts to those that travel near and far to come to the Emerald Coast.

Pictured: Sally Gaskin and Ken Leone | Picture Credit: Jacie Chandler

Along with our ribbon cutting for SMALLab, we had a commemoration for Bob Gaskin by the Northwest Florida Astronomy Association (NWFAA). Some of his greatest accomplishments included serving in the United States Air Force (his favorite flights being in a U-2) and serving his community by being the Emerald Coast Science Center's Executive Director (2000-2010) and by teaching the public through his vast knowledge. The Science Center will continue to honor his memory and amazing influence on the museum both during and after his time as Executive Director. He always had a kind, encouraging word for us after his retirement, and he will be greatly missed. The gorgeous picture from NWFAA will be hung in the Science Center near the front lobby and will be able to be seen by every visitor.

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