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Smoke on the Coast 2018

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

This past Tuesday, July 3rd, we had the amazing opportunity to participate in Destin Commons' 8th Annual Smoke on the Coast Festival! With Bow Tie BBQ and Catering on our side as our barbecue partners, we had an amazing night.

Thanks to Destin Commons' year-round fundraiser, Coins for a Cause, they are able to host this generous event every year. Non-profits are paired with barbecue companies to compete for Judge's Pick, People's Choice, and Most Spirited awards.

We pulled out all the fun activities we could think of; Popsicle Stick Flashlights, Instant Snow, Temporary Glitter Tattoos, and Pop Rockets. We also brought one of our animal ambassadors--Avogadro, our Ball Python--to the event! He enjoyed greeting attendees and showing them just how friendly snakes can be.

With Bow Tie BBQ serving up delicious pulled pork with their one-of-a-kind sauce, we received Third Place for Judge's Pick! This was a HUGE success for us. With this only being our first year participating at the event, we are extremely happy of the outcome. The awareness and attention alone that was given to the center during this event was an amazing opportunity for us.

We can not wait to see all the non-profits in one place again next year! We're already talking about new things to bring and do for the 9th annual Smoke on the Coast Festival. Thank you to Destin Commons, Bow Tie BBQ and Catering, and the many volunteers and staff who made this night possible.

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